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Your Stormie Poodle garment has been made with the utmost care for your health, the environment and for those who make our products. Our choices affect the planet’s well being. By reusing, repairing and taking care of our clothes, they will get a longer life which puts less pressure on the environment.

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Founder, Caroline von Post tells the story of Stormie Poodle and making the world a better place.


Our garments are made out of reused high quality textiles. Cotton is a very thirsty crop and water is scarce in many countries where it is grown. By reusing, we use less chemicals and water. Our garments are made to grow in, which means that they last longer, which is good for both the environment and your wallet.


Stormie Poodle cares about you and your children’s health. That’s why all our garments are made out of resued textiles from Comforta, an ecolabelled laundry in Sweden. These textiles have been washed so many times that almost all of the chemicals found in new clothes have been washed out – so less chance of allergies and skin irritation.


Stormie Poodle strives to have fair and ethical production. We manufacture our products at Livslust in Latvia and at Yalla trappan in Malmö. Livslust supports Latvian youth with scholarships so they can afford higher education and Yalla Trappan creates work opportunities for women from Rosengård.