Stormie Poodle can help your organisation

How do you get your co-workers to care about the organsiation’s sustainabilty efforts/work? How do you stand out among your competitiors? Stormie Poodle has ample experience in working with many different types of environmental issues and sustainability communication. We offer several consulting services. Let Stormie Poodle help you!


Strategic advice

Stormie Poodle has both practical and theoretical experience with environmental issues. We create content that adds value.

We upcycle your textiles!

It’s crucial that a company knows what it stands for and can communicate this effectively. Let us make new products out of your used textiles. It is a great way to, hands-on, show what you stand for whileĀ strengthening your internal and external sustainability communication.

Inspirational talks

To be able to initiate a process or to stop one in order to find a new way is important. Stormie Poodle gives inspirationalĀ talks about sustainability in the areas of fashion, food, circular economy, ecosystem services and the state of the planet.