A selection of articles and bloggs about Stormie Poodle

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Mention in “Kupé”

In May 2016, Stormie Poodle was featured in the Swedish national railway magazine, Kupé. Being recognised was exciting and a sign that the circular economy is the right thing for an environmnetally aware transportation company to write about! Here is a link to the...

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Sydsvenskan “8 to 5” article

After winning the competition for entrepreneurs in Skåne (Southern Sweden), BarCamper in September 2016 we were interviewed by the local newspaper Sydsvenskan. Here is a link to the article (in Swedish).

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Winner of Bar Camper

An interview with Caroline von Post after winning the competition for entrepreneurs, BarCamper, in September 2016. Here she talks about what made her finally dare to leave her day job. Click here to read the whole interview (in Swedish).

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Circular Economy News

In his blog, Tobias Jansson mentions Stormie Poodle as an example of the new circular fashion. Link to the article (in Swedish).

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Ecotextile News

Ecotextile News writes about how Stormie Poodle as an example of how laundry textiles can be reused and up cycled. Stormie Poodle spoke at SWEREA's Plastics and Textiles Conference  in Gothenburg in November 2016.

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