Comfortable bathrobes for relaxing moments

Our bathrobes will keep you warm as you enjoy the view from the pier, beach or cliffs after a dip in the water. The bathrobes are long and hooded, just like the bathrobes we make for kids. There are several different colors of bias tape to choose from.


Our summer house lacks running water – bathing in the sea is the only option. I prefer a warm shower… Luckily I’ve got a Stormie Poodle bathrobe to warm up in afterward swimming.

Nick from Stocksund


Comfortable bathrobes that grow with your child

Our smallest versions of the bathrobe for ages 1-6, are designed to grow with your child. The sleeves are extra long and can easily be folded up. There is no belt that needs to be tied, instead we use buttons that even small children can handle. The extra large pockets are great to hide hands and small things in. 

This is the first bathrobe that I’ve gotten Sally to wear. The large buttons are perfect for her little hands. 

Emma-Li in Malmö

Hooded bath towels for babies

Our hooded bath towels are made for the smallest and most precious people. When the child is older, it can be used as a flight cape! Stormie Poodle’s bath towels are made out of former hotel towels and are decorated with bias tape in different colors.

I love to sweep my daughter into this bath towel! I especially like the hood because it keeps her warm. 

Rutger in New York

Practical bibs for young eaters

Most kids hate plastic bibs that are tied around their necks. Our bibs are soft and modelled after a design that founder’s grandmother once made for her. Grandmother Brita took one of her used pink towels and turned it into a bib, adding a couple of ducks for decoration. The original bib still exists! Stormie Poodle’s bibs are made out of former hotel towels and are decorated with bias tape in different colors. The bib is suitable for the youngest children who are learning to eat by themselves.

These are the only bibs I have gotten my son to wear whithout him pulling them off!

Gabrielle in Stockholm